We’re so proud to announce that we were selected by the residents of Idaho as the Statewide winner & Best of Treasure Valley for the Food Truck category 2022 from Idaho’s Best!.

We’re so proud to announce that we were selected by the residents of Idaho as the Best of Treasure Valley for Fast Casual Restaurant 2022 from Idaho’s Best!.

When Tango’s expanded to Meridian a year ago, there was little doubt its “taste of Argentina” would thrive. Since opening in 2006 in Boise, Tango’s has served empanadas and tortas to loyal customers. Empanadas are tasty pastry turnovers filled with vegetables, meat and cheese. (Unless you order a sweet dessert version, of course.) They’re not only delicious and satisfying, they also travel well in a to-go container. That’s probably one of the reasons Tango’s was named Idaho’s top restaurant in a guide to the “Best Takeout in Every State” from

A recent Yelp review calls Tango’s “a welcome surprise” with “friendly and helpful service.” “Empanadas take a wee bit longer than usual to come out,” the reviewer adds, “but they are hot, fresh and most definitely worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the El Puerco the best.” The El Puerco ($3.75) is made with pulled pork, green salsa and potatoes.

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The Treasure Valley is underrated when
it comes to its food scene. It’s not necessarily a destination for any certain food, like pizza and bagels are to New York, and it doesn’t have an established cuisine. But the area is transforming and the food scene is keeping pace. In short: it’s a really fun time to be hungry in Boise.
This list contains 21 bucket-list-worthy restaurants, drive-ins, and bars in the
Boise area for 2021. Use it on the days you want to try something new, need a fun place to go when you have guests in town, or when no one can decide what
they want to eat.

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Thanks to COVID-19, takeout is more important than ever. found the best in Idaho is Tango’s Empanadas. Michael Deeds of the Idaho Statesman wrote about it.

Tango’s Subs and Empanadas

  • By Jennifer Gelband Jun 27, 2007

Most cultures have a dish that is basically a dough-wrapped meat, cheese or vegetable mixture. The Italians have calzones, the Polish have pierogies, Indians have samosas and Argentinians have empanadas. Now Boiseans also have empanadas—Monica and Louis Bremmer opened Tango’s, the city’s first empanada restaurant, on Orchard Street about nine months ago. Read More

Tango’s Subs and Empanadas

  • By Gretchen Jude Jun 27, 2007

I’m not a fast-food junkie; I will only step into big-burger chains under extreme duress. Still, there are times when, finding myself with a suddenly empty tummy, I realize I’m driving down Orchard Street toward desperation; the plastic oases start to look frighteningly appealing. On one such day, I veered into the parking lot behind what was originally a Winchell’s Donut Shop, more than ready to grab a quick bite to eat. It was the right move. Read More