We sell  yerba mate, gourds and bombillas along with other imported Argentinian products


Mate contains xanthines, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Although mate has caffeine it does not give you the negative effects such as anxiety, jitters or heart palpitations as other products that contain caffeine, you will feel invigorated, full of energy, yet able to go to sleep. The flavor of mate is strong, herbal and grassy. One should never use boiling water to drink it, unlike other teas, the leaves can be infused several time.
In Argentina we have been drinking mate for centuries, just as Americans drink coffee or British tea, we have mate time, except there,  it can be several times a day and always with someone, you drink it with friends and family. It’s about sharing, talking and love.

WE HAVE IT !! from $11.00 and up a kilo. That’s 2.2 lbs !!!
DON’T pay the high prices they’re asking for, mate doesn’t need to be expensive.

We also have gourds and bombillas as well as mate tea bags, plus we are able to offer our customers home delivery, our products will be packed by with quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage which assures a safe arrival of the package.

Did you ever visit Argentina and now have a craving for dulce de leche, or alfajores? how about dulce de membrillo, batata or batata with chocolate? Well, you now have them in Boise. So come on down, and get your goodies with us, it will add a smile to your face and bring back sooo many memories.  If you haven’t tried Argentine dulce de leche, you just haven’t tried dulce de leche.